Celebrating the Place

Our world is amazing! There can be no doubt about it. We are amazing too, experiencing all this wonder through our senses and responding in intelligent ways. Soaking up this goodness gives meaning to life. It doesn’t really matter how you do it. Perhaps you are after the perfect wave or a mountain peak. Maybe it’s a fascination with the ever changing sky or just the enjoyment of watching your kids play.

Some of us like to capture those feelings with our camera and this activity has a special way of helping us look at the world. We see the light as it plays across the land. We constantly looking and sometimes waiting for those moments that make us go — “Wow!” Taking pictures gives a way to interact with the place.

The extra cool thing is how well the art of photography interacts so well with those other activities we enjoy. It’s a natural thing to want a picture of that perfect wave on your desk at work.